Christmas Apartment Tour & Prosecco Cocktail Recipe

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I'm currently at home in Michigan, enjoying a real "winter climate" for the holiday season and I could not be more excited to be home for the holidays! As much as I love the LA weather throughout the year, its a little disappointing to see palm trees covered in Christmas lights and you can only watch the burning Yule Log streaming on your Apple TV for so long. But the 70 degree weather was not going to stop me from making the most of my countdown to Christmas! I have spent the whole month decorating my apartment (AKA my favorite thing to do), eating Christmas cookies, wrapping Christmas gifts, and experimenting with some festive Christmas cocktails (SEE BELOW!!). Here are a few photos of my apartment Christmas decor (mostly acquired from Target or HomeGoods throughout the years). Now I'll just be spending the month AFTER Christmas trying to convince my boyfriend that we should probably just leave all these decorations up indefinitely... wish me luck! :)

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Blood Orange & Pomegranate Winter Prosecco Cocktail

Typically I would not be into such a high maintenance fruit, but recently I cannot get enough of Pomegranates! Sure they take like 2 hours to de-seed, but those tiny red seeds make a really tasty additions to salads, desserts, and my personal fav... cocktails! Not only are pomegranates a delicious treat, but I think they make some of the most beautiful winter decor. I love to decorate tables with pomegranate fruit, the color is AMAZING and they are a really easy and unconventional way to dress up a tablescape. My mom and I decorated our Christmas Eve dinner table last year with inspiration from this simple and elegant centerpiece. And here's another idea to tie in pomegranates with your winter table decor.

If you don't mind spending a little bit of time de-seeding, here's a sweet cocktail recipe perfect for a Christmas gathering. Enjoy!

 Ingredients: Sugar, green food coloring, pomegranate seeds, blood orange San Pellegrino, Prosecco, and Pomegranate juice 

Ingredients: Sugar, green food coloring, pomegranate seeds, blood orange San Pellegrino, Prosecco, and Pomegranate juice 

Step 1: Mix 3-5 drops of green food coloring in sugar to create a Christmas-green rim sugar.

Step 2: Cut a slice of orange (I used a Cutie Mandarin because that's just what I had on hand) and coat the rim of the glass with a bit of orange juice. Dip the rim of the glass in the green sugar.

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Step 3: Garnish your glass with a scoop of pomegranate seeds.

Step 4: Pour about a quarter of a can of Blood Orange San Pellegrino juice into each glass (about 3 oz).

Step 5: Pour in your desired amount of Prosecco.

Step 6: Finish with a splash of pomegranate juice (about 1-2 oz), I used POM Wonderful. And give the cocktail a stir!

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I hope you're spending the weekend surrounded by lots of family and friends and I hope this cocktail recipe will add a festive touch to your Holiday celebrations. Cheers! 

Happy Holidays!! - Rachael