Zoella Vlogmas BINGO Printable

Is it millennial of me to say that I would consider Vlogmas a holiday tradition for me now? When I think of December, I obviously think of hanging decorations, gift shopping, drinking lots of peppermint mochas, spending time with family and friends, going to church, singing Christmas carols... but I've probably been watching Zoella's vlogmas videos for about 3 years now and I've even gotten my boyfriend hooked. It is now basically part of my daily December routine!

For those that don't know, Vlogmas is a series of videos that a lot of well-known Youtubers create during the holiday season. They vlog everyday in the month of December. Its festive and fun to watch different people's holiday traditions and how they spend their time in the month of December. Spoiler alert: It usually involves a lot of gift wrapping time-lapses and cookie decorating! Its got all the enthrall of guilty-pleasure reality television, but with less housewives, fighting, and drama.

So that brings us to Zoella. The QUEEN of Vlogmas (seriously though, does anyone do it better?) Zoe is a British beauty and lifestyle Youtuber who lives in Brighton with her (also Youtube famous) boyfriend Alfie and their little black pug, Nala. I think my fascination with Zoe's content stems mostly from the fact that we share a lot of the same interests: home goods, fashion, hosting, and decorating.

If you've never seen her videos, I would highly recommend a watch this holiday season. She posts on her secondary Youtube channel called MoreZoella. That being said, if you've never seen a video, this post will probably make no sense to you (sorry!), but if you're a true Zoella Vlogmas fan, and you're SO EXCITED THAT IT'S FINALLY DECEMBER, I've put together a printable treat below to kick off the Vlogmas season.

If you have been watching Zoella's vlogmas for a while now, you know there are some KEY things that we have to look forward to this year (I'm talking Edinburgh Trip 2017, am I right???). And of course a lot of moments that are probably just bound to happen (Zoe & Mark cry laughing? Bonus points if this happens in EVERY vlog). I've put together some of my favorite and most-anticipated moments into this fun Bingo board. There are two different versions so that you can play along with a friend and see who can get a BINGO first this year!


Zoella Vlogmas Bingo Board #1

Zoella Vlogmas Bingo Board #2

Download the two PDF Bingo boards above and get started! There are already 2 videos posted this year so far!! Enjoy! And happy Vlogmas :) - Rachael